ask for tina
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


The first time I saw you and all those little children,
there were quite a few.
I never saw a thing like that,  oh yes it's true.
What kind of magic turned me on?
I wanna know them all,
I wanna have a picture hanging on the wall.
So we could always see,
how great this life can be.

Ask for Tina, Juan or Malu,
and they know exactly what to do.
I can asure you they take you away to dreamland every day.
Life is so pleasant wherever you go.
I can't explain and I don't wanna know.
Smiling faces, the deep blue sea, it's for free.

I wanna be with you.
I wanna know just every little thing you do.
I know for sure that you would never make me blue,
please have patience with me.
Fascinating land,
you made me open my eyes, made me understand.
Don't have to be alone,
I found myself a home.