break away
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


One thing I know, I will survive.
And you're not passing judgement on how I run my life.
Feel the need to make it right,
'cause if life takes you under,
you're such a sorry sight.
In this crazy life you can't turn back the pages.
The scars won't heal the memories, but you try.
Nothing's gonna last forever.

Wouldn't you like to come with me?
(I) can't find a reason why I'd stay.
I thought I could make it,
but I just couldn't shake it.
Wouldn't you like to break away?

Look at me, I'm free at last
and for those who really know me:
I only gave my best.
There were times I compromised,
but baby in return they're throwing dust in my eyes.
Well I've been there without taking half the chances.
The life I lead without a finish line
isn't gonna last forever.