Alice May

Born as Alie de Vries
on 20th December 1954 in Harlingen
lead/background vocals, piano,drums,
guitar, saxophone, bass-guitar,
percussion, clarinet,
choreography, management


Caren Wood

Born as Doetie de Vries
on 24th February 1953 in Harlingen
lead vocal




MAYWOOD - a successful pop act throughout the 80s and well ahead into the 90s with a string of world-wide hits like:

Mother, how are you today

Late at night

Give me back my love


Distant love

Get away

and many more.

It all started in 1979...

...Alice and Caren had already acquired some experience in show business as a live act called "Colt 45" and as a recording act under the name of "De Karinas".

In the late 70s it was not easy to get success in the music business.  A distinctive sound had to be created in order to be recognized by the record-buying public.  The sound of Maywood songs was immediately recognizable, whether it were the uptempo songs or the melancholic ballads:  Caren's powerful voice combined with Alice's talent to write wonderful melodies and last but not least their very own arrangements of the songs were the ingredients to this special sound.  Furthermore, every song sounded differently.  Alice never just copied an earlier song.

Producer Pim Koopman discovered the duo one day and was impressed by their talent.  Working with the record label EMI, he convinced them and Maywood signed a recording contract soon afterwards.

Since I met you / If you and I was the very first single released by Maywood in
The Netherlands and followed by You treated me wrong / I can't let you go now.  Both releases were local successes.  'You treated me wrong' brought Maywood to the charts in Scandinavia and South Africa.  But the real break-through came with the next release: Mother, how are you today / Let me know.  Maywood was taken to the top of the charts with the follow-up single: Late at night / One, two three.  This recording was not only a big hit at home, but also in many European countries and finally released in 14 countries all over the world.

'Mother, how are you today' and 'Late at night' were also recorded in German, but did not gain the same success as the English versions.  One more version of 'Mother, how are you today' was recorded: Madre, aimed at the Spanish speaking market.

The first album, simply titled MAYWOOD was released in the fall of 1980.  Many live performances followed in their home country and in several countries around Europe.    
The album reached gold status in The Netherlands and in Sweden.

One more single was taken from that album: Give me back my love / That certain feeling.  Again, a hit in The Netherlands and neighbouring countries.  The next single to be released was Distant love / I'm in love for the very first time and was a forecast of the forthcoming album.  Rio / It's a different world was singled out of the 1981 album DIFFERENT WORLDS, which was released in the autumn of that year.

Mano / Just a little bit of love was the follow-up and final single of 'Different worlds'.  Meanwhile their second album had achieved a gold record in The Netherlands, too.

Get away / What a world was the first single to be released from the 3rd album titled: COLOUR MY RAINBOW, released in late summer of 1982.  A second single of that album, Star / Be my man, followed by the final single from 'Colour my rainbow': Ask for Tina / Circumstance.  In Germany Maywood's final single was 'Colour my rainbow'.

Suddenly something went wrong.  Their singles did not reach the top of the charts anymore.  Were the wrong songs picked to be singles?

Due to the success of 'Madre', a compilation album of the hits of Maywood was recorded in Spanish language for the South American market. Title: CREO EN EL AMOR.

In these first 3 years Maywood did not only appear live in their home country and on TV, but also toured in South Africa and South America.  They took part in international song contests in Seoul (South Korea) and the Yamaha-Festival in Tokyo (Japan).

In addition to several awards in The Netherlands, Maywood received also international prizes, like 'Artist of the year 1982' in South Africa.

In 1983 EMI decided to release a best-of album in The Netherlands, HET BESTE VAN MAYWOOD.  For this album two new songs were recorded: Show me the way to paradise and My love for you.  A gospel medley which was recorded live in Japan was included as well. Show me the way to paradise / Un poquito mas de amor (Just a little bit of love) was released as a single.

Maywood appeared back to the public in 1984 with a new single: Standing in the twilight / Stay with me, published by a new record company: Polygram.  Over the next few years several singles followed:

1985 Lonely nights / You
1985 It takes a lifetime / You
1986 When I look into your eyes / Oh, what a lonely day
1987 If you need a friend / Someone like me

In 1987 Maywood took part in the international song contest in East Germany (Rostock), called 'Menschen und Meer'.  Participating song: Wings of an eagle.  This song was awarded with 3 prizes, but never recorded in the studio, which could be certainly called "A big mistake".

After the release of If you need a friend / Someone like me under the Polydor label, it was time for a new album.  An appetizer of BESIDE YOU was the single Break away / Live it up.

The next project was a charity song: Help the children of Brazil.

A new record company (Dureco) marked a period of songs in Dutch language, among them the single releases: Kom in m'n armen / Waar is onze liefde heen and Hey, hey, hey / Die regenboog in 1989.

In 1990 came the chance for Alice and Caren to be introduced to a world-wide audience when they won the national heat for the biggest song contest: Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la chanson.  Maywood travelled to Zagreb (Yugoslavia) in May 1990 to represent The Netherlands with the song Ik wil alles met je delen, ending up on rank 15.  This song was backed with Wat zijn we met de wereld aan het doen? and released as a single.  An English version was recorded and released as well: No more winds to guide me / I was born to love you.  Back home an entire album of songs in Dutch language was recorded and released under the title ACHTER DE HORIZON on the Dureco label. The last single from that album was Ik blijf naar jou verlangen / Zonder jou.

1991 Maywood released a CD as a special thank you to their fans, 6-songs-containing CD titled: SIX OF THE THIRTIES.  Only 500 copies were produced by the record company Fan Records. This CD came in a collector's box with a certificate with number of the limited edition and an additional picture of Maywood.  Click here for details.

In the same year another special project was finished in Germany.  An album with songs of the 60s came out: WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS.  The accompanying CD-single was Stupid Cupid / The end of the world / Sixties medley.

In The Netherlands another compilation album, DE HITS, was released by EMI in 1992.

For the next single a new record company was chosen.  Red Bullet released in 1993
You and I / Losing you as a CD-single.  And 1994 saw the release of the next CD-single: Give me something / Mother, how are you today (new recording).  The final single of Maywood turned out to be Blue sundaymorning / You're making me crazy, also released in 1994.

The last album presented to the record buyer was MORE MAYWOOD in 1994.  Some of the early songs, such as 'Mother, how are you today', 'Late at night', 'Give me back my love', and 'Rio' were newly recorded in order to be included in this album.

In the following year (1995) Alice and Caren decided to pursue solo careers.


After Maywood:

To date there was only one project, which reached the record shops.  Alice recorded a CD-single: Rise in the morning / Stars will go on shining under the name Alice Maywood in 1997, published by Rosco Records.

In the same year Alice contributed one new track, Merry Christmas Everyone, to a special "Family Help Programme Holland - Sri Lanka"-CD called "Kinderkorenfestival: ONE WORLD FAMILY".  Additionally, a different version of Rise in the morning was added to this CD as well.