be my man
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


Light up the fire.
Sing me a song of love.
There is a reason for every season,
for every star above.
Yesterday's gone,
we make a brand new start.
Falling in love is beautiful,
it lightens up your heart.

Be my man
and I will be your woman all the way.
No matter what goes wrong, I'll always stay.
Believe me.
Be my man,
if ever times get rough, don't wonder why.
Together we will give it one more try.
Be my man.

Light up the fire.
Carry me through the night.
Show me your love and give me the feeling,
everything turns out right.
Give me your smile,
give me your heart of gold.
We've got a lifetime
and in a life-times-loving we grow old.