blue sundaymorning
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


I was lost and felt in a trance.
Couldn't help feeling sorry and bitter.
I felt pity in this circumstance.
Can't accept just the thought you've been with her.
I could easily set you free,
but I know you'd come back to me instead.

Here I am waiting up on a blue sundaymorning.
Dazzled eyes and a heart about ready to break.
Hey, I'm calling you (he'll be back again).
What am I to do (hang on while you can).
Tell me, how much more can I take, because...
here I am waiting up on a blue sundaymorning.
Here I am in the heat of a hot summernight.
Hey, I'm calling out (he'll be back again).
What's it all about (hang on while you can).
Blue sundaymorning.

All the precious things I left behind
for a life full of heartbreaks and sorrow.
Lift me up before I lose my mind.
Make me shine like a brand-new tomorrow.
You can't hide what my heart can see.
Now, you made such a fool out of me, because...