give me something
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


Got to be strong, got to hold on.
There isn't a thing I can do.
Telling myself it takes time to believe.
I got to go on without you.
Every step that I take, I'm aware.
Every move that I make, you are there.

Give me something to remember you by.
Give me one thing and don't ask me why.
My life is a mess like the sound of broken glass that is falling.
Give me something, my sweetness and light.
Give me one thing, anyway that you might.
Whisper my name, 'cause I'm going insane, hear me calling.

Doing my job, seeing my friends.
I feel like a human machine.
Shopping around and when I get back,
it seems like a terrible dream.
There is no telling why I'm depressed.
But I know boy with you I was blessed.