Harald Christoph Kuch

Mönchengladbach, Germany


...my memories of Maywood go back to the time when "Mother, how are you today"
was in the Dutch charts.  Living quite close to the German/Dutch border, I was able to watch the Dutch TV-channels.  At that time there was not only the weekly chart show "TOP POP" on TV, but also several music shows were aired.  The sound of Maywood had raised my interest and I looked for releases in Germany.  Back then I concentrated on albums and I can clearly remember the summer of 1980 when I listened to "Late At Night" (album title of "MAYWOOD" in Germany) with headphones on during many hot afternoons.

TV-performances of Maywood in Germany followed and they became one of only a few favorite music acts of mine. "Different Worlds" and "Colour My Rainbow" were added to my collection.

But then, suddenly, no further releases of Maywood in the record shops.  Unfortunately, this was also the time when cable TV was introduced in Germany and Dutch TV-channels were not included. However, when I was in The Netherlands I browsed through the record shops, but without success.  I simply could not find any new recordings of Maywood and finally I believed they split up.

It took some years until I was lucky and found a copy fo the CD "Het Beste Van Maywood".  Two new songs were included and I came to the conclusion that there must have been more releases of Maywood, at least in The Netherlands.  But further checkings remained also without success.

In the early 90s I found, quite by accident, the CD "Walking Back To Happiness" in a German record shop. Wow....  And I thought to myself they are still "alive" and recording !!!  But this was the last sign of Maywood I was able to find for quite a very long time to come.

With home computers Ebay came to me one day.  Around 2001 I tried to find something by Maywood and was very lucky.  Being in a better financial situation than in my youth, I bought 20 singles (in mint condition) at once.  I had the majority of their single releases by then and many unknown songs, unknown to me of course. 

Later someone from Germany sold Maywood CD-singles on Ebay, stating that he was a fan of Maywood and those CD-singles were from his private collection.  Hhmm a fan of Maywood (?),  I though and contacted him by E-mail.  He might have the information I have been looking for a number of years already, if not decades. 

Well, some E-mails were sent from both sides, phone calls followed and finally, in March 2003 the first meeting took place.  This "fan", as everyone can imagine, was Volker.  And he had lots of information on Maywood.  From this point on everything developed very quickly: I happened to  meet Alice Maywood a couple of times and within only a few months the result was this website.

This was my story how I discovered Maywood and how this website came to life.


Now let us read yours Volker....