hard time
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


You always stood for faith and loyalty.
The words you said, the things you promised me
faded away like mist on a rainy night.
How can you be so unpredictable?
I think I never was so flexible.
How can it feel so wrong,
when it should feel so right?...so right.

You're giving me a hard time.
What happened to devotion?
Show some of your emotion and then
we gonna start all over again.
You're giving me a rough time.
It should be something special.
I think you got a right to be free,
but watch out what you're doing to me.
You're giving me a hard time.

You make me feel like I'm invisible.
Without your love I feel so miserable.
Somebody must have changed you while I wasn't there.
How could I know there was a part of you
you never showed, I never really knew.
I'm making my final move,
you've got to search elsewhere!...elsewhere.