i was born to love you
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


Like a boy you want attention.
Like a man you know your place.
Out of reach when you've got problems.
When you sleep I touch your face.
We grow old and have our memories.
We grow young and understand.
Many dreams and wishful thinking
never do without a friend.

I was born to love you,
let it last forever.
Nothing else will matter,
it's just you and me.
I was born to show you
silver stars and angels,
living dolls and twilight,
dragons by the sea.

If I could I'd build a castle,
I'm your queen, you'd be my knight.
On your horse you'd come and get me.
Stars will shine so warm and bright.
I can see an open meadow
where we walk on silent ground.
Feel the air with all your magic.
Magic shines when you're around.