losing you
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


Why does life go on like any other day?
Why has time rewritten every line?
Now I wonder why they had to take away,
baby, what was yours and what was mine.
Sorry, if I ever let you down my friend.
Guess, nobody's perfect, am I right?
You will help me find a way to understand.
And I will help you make it through the night.

Maybe I can't find the way I feel within,
but we will drink a toast my love to how it's been.
Living life was easier and yes indeed,
never felt so strong and more complete.
Maybe it felt better, 'cause we didn't know
there would come a time I had to let you go.
Seems to me that almost anything would do,
but never just the thought of losing you.

Lost inside your world, but baby just the same.
Crying in the night, but after all.
In my leather phonebook I still read you name
and the disconnected number I still call.
Could have known it wouldn't last eternally.
Sad to say, but therefore I can tell.
Somewhere there's a rainbow shining over me,
a magic wand that never breaks the spell.