neonlights and glitter
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


We were young, much too young to fall in love.
Dreamed away every day, we couldn't get enough.
Times have changed, we went on trying to do our best.
Who would know, you and me my friend, it wouldn't last.

Neonlights and glitter,
names of high distinction.
Used to stop and stare,
now I just don't care.
I'm looking for new dimensions.
A crowdy street of people - don't understand
why I feel so lonely.
I'll be pushing them aside,
I still have my pride.
I'm thinking of you only.

You taught me how to act, to live my life.
But it seems, I'm better off with a job from eight till five.
Left my home because of you and I can't go back.
I feel lost, so alone, I'm wearing black.