Last week Dutch entertainer Gerard Joling had breaking news.  He succeeded in a sensational reunion
of Caren and Alice as MAYWOOD for 2 concerts on 11th and 12th October 2013 in Amsterdam.
Below is a picture of the press conference held at Hotel Amstel in Amsterdam on 08.08.2013.


Maywood will be on Dutch TV, Nederland 2, on 06.04.2011 at 22.55 hrs to 23.35 hrs.
Alice and Caren are the topic of the TV-show "In het Oog van de Orkaan" which deals with 
the break-up of the duo.  The show's rerun is on 07.04.2011 at 15.10 hrs to 15.45 hrs on 
Nederland 2.


Last month another compilation was released in The Netherlands.  Maywood is now also part of the
"ALLE 40 GOED"-series.  This double CD contains the majority of the EMI-releases plus a few
songs in Spanish.  Nothing new to fans, but to those who missed the 4-CD-box this release
 is an alternative.  In contrast to some rumours on the internet the song "You" (B-side of "It Takes
 A Lifetime" and "Lonely Nights") is not included.  However, the song "If You And I"
(B-side of Maywood's first single "Since I Met You") found its way to this compilation.


Alice Maywood participates in the Dutch TV show "DOE MAAR NORMAAL".  
Airing date is 08.05.2009 at 21.50 hrs on TV station Nederland 3.  Eurovision Song Contest
is the topic of this show.  Recording took place in Hilversum on 05.04.2009.

Here are some pictures:

Alice with Sander Latinga, presenter of Doe maar normaal


Some pictures from behind the scenes






During the summer a new compilation was released in The Netherlands.  It is part of a series called
Hollandse Sterren (Dutch Stars) and contains the following tracks:

    Pasadena (Spanish Version)
    Rio (Spanish Version)
    Un Poquito Mas De Amor
    Eres Tu
    Creo En El Amor
    Dance With Me
    Give Me Back My Love
    Gone Without A Reason
    I'm Sorry
    Just A Little Bit Of Love
    Late At Night
    Mother, How Are You Today?
    That Certain Feeling
    Wherever You're Going
    One, Two, Three



Alice Maywood will do 2 shows in Russia.  
On 23. November 2007 at Olympiiski Arena in Moscow and
on 25. November 2007 at Ice Arena in St. Petersburg.

Russian and foreign artists will perform songs from the 80s.  

Other artists are: Kim Wilde, Gilla, Bad Boys Blue, Gloria Gaynor, Demis Roussos,
Matia Bazar, Ricchi e Poveri, Dan Harrow, Trans X, Neoton Family and Digital Emotion.

Further information can be found at www.attackconcert.com (in Russian).


Alice Maywood will do an interview on German Radio Station "Radio 92,5 Bremen".
On 03.05.2007 from 19.05 hrs to 20.00 hrs there will be a show about Maywood including
an extensive interview with Alice.  This show can be followed by internet life-stream, just go
to www.hitparade-wer-gewinnt.de and click on "Radio 92,5 Bremen Stream&Webcam" on
the left navigation bar.


Alice Maywood will be back on stage.  Future performance dates will be published on 
this site.
  Bookings can be made through JB Productions





We have been informed that Alice Maywood is going to sell her car.  If anyone is interested, contact:   info@maywood-online.de 
Here are some details:
PATROL 5 DRS ELEGANCE from 2002, leather-seats, 100.000 kilometers, many extras.
Price: EUR 30.000,00


The project of Maywood back on stage has been postponed to next year due to 
some unexpected internal problems.  We keep you updated.

Due Alice Maywood's permission this site is now the official homepage of MAYWOOD.

Today we received the information from EMI Music NL about the release of a 
4-CD-Box-Set in May 2006.  It contains the entire EMI-recordings of Maywood. 
With this box-set  the album "Colour my rainbow" will be officially available on CD for the very first time.  Three of the four albums will contain bonus tracks, such as the first single Since I Met You/If You and I and Mutter/Gib Mir Zeit/Lichtermeer (also on available on CD for the first time).

This release is part of an EMI-series with box-sets for artists like
Pussycat, George Baker Selection and Patricia Paay among others.
Below you will see the cover artwork.

               click on pictures for enlargement 

Thank you Casper for confirmation.

Thanks to Dutch Maywood-fan Klaas, who informed us about 2 CD-releases of
Maywood in South Africa.  According to the track-lists these are re-releases of
"More Maywood" now entitled "The Biggest Hits of Maywood" and "Good for 
Gold" now entitled "Maywood - The Premiere Collection - Give Me Back My Love".
We have ordered both CDs, but we are still waiting for the delivery. 


Maywood on German TV.  Re-run of Musikladen no. 64 with "Rio" on Saturday,
20.08.2005 at 0.50 hrs (actually Sunday morning) on RBB.
( http://www.rbb-online.de/fernsehen/programm/programm.jsp?key=ID43755507 ).

Maywood on German TV.  Re-run of Musikladen no. 61 with "Distant love" on
Saturday, 30.07.2005 at 0.05 hrs (actually Sunday morning) on RBB.
http://www.rbb-online.de/fernsehen/programm/programm.jsp?key=ID43000776 ).

Maywood on German TV.  Re-run of Musikladen no. 58 with "Give me back my love"
on Saturday, 09.07.2005 at 00.05 hrs (actually Sunday morning) on RBB.
( http://www.rbb-online.de/fernsehen/programm/programm.jsp?key=ID42162270 ).

Maywood on German TV.  Re-run of Musikladen no. 55 with "Late at night" on
Saturday, 18.06.2005 at 0.50 hrs (actually Sunday morning) on RBB
( http://www.rbb-online.de/fernsehen/programm/programm.jsp?key=ID41511694 ).

Maywood on German TV.  Re-run of Musikladen no. 53 with "Mother, how are you today?" on Saturday, 04.06.2005 at 01.25 hrs (actually Sunday morning) on RBB
( http://www.rbb-online.de/fernsehen/programm/programm.jsp?key=ID41093805 )

The 2-hour radio show with Maywood music and the interview with Alice will be aired
again on Sunday, 01.05.2005 on Radio Euskirchen between 18.00 hrs and 20.00 hrs
Central European Daylight Saving Time.  This radio station is available at FM 99,7 MHz, 106,9 MHz and 107,4 MHz.

Alice will do her first live interview on a German radion station in a very long time. 
On 23.04.2005 you can listen to a 2 hours show on radio700 ( www.radio700.de ) between 16.00 hrs and 18.00 hrs.  The show is titled:
"STARTREFF - Walking back to MAYWOOD - 25 years after LATE AT NIGHT".  Radio700 is available in the German cable network in Saarland and worldwide via internet.  Just click on "Einschalten" and you can choose from several programs to listen, depending on the software on your personal computer.  Via "Chat" you can send in questions you always wanted to ask and Alice will answer them during the show. 
Look forward to an interesting interview and very rare songs of Maywood, some were never even played on a German radio station.  


radio700.2.jpg (225632 Byte)     radio700.3.jpg (246273 Byte)
click on pictures for enlargement     

On Sunday, 06.02.2005 Alice will give an 1 hour interview on Radio10Gold ( www.radio10.nl ) between 18.00 hrs and 22.00 hrs.  The title of the broadcasting is       "The best from 40 years of TOP 40 with Rene Verkerk".  Radio10Gold is available in the Dutch cable network and on AM1008.

We would like to offer Alice and Jochum our congratulations on their wedding.  Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.  Alice and Jochum allowed us to put this picture on our site.  Thank you Alice and Jochum.

weddingpic.jpg (126651 Byte)  
click on picture for enlargement

We received information from several sources that, finally, the long awaited CD with the Spanish tracks, Cantado en Espaņol, is available in the shops in The Netherlands.

For those fans not living in The Netherlands, please contact us at info@maywood-online.de for information how to obtain a copy.

Great news arrived today from Casper Janssen (EMI).  On 10. May 2004 the new Maywood CD with the Spanish songs will be released under the Hit Expresse label.  

Songs on "Cantado en Espaņol":

Pasadena (Spanish version)
Rio (Spanish version)
Un poquito mas de amor
Ven a mi
Loco amor
Creo en el amor
Mano (Spanish version)
Esta vez es amor de verdad
Eres tu

Thank you very much Casper.

Alice May found the time to answer the questions sent in by fans.  Click here.

EMI Netherlands is working on the release of a new CD.  For very first time the Spanish songs will be available on CD.  Despite the fact that an online-store already mentions a release date, the record company has not yet decided when the CD on the Hit Expresse series will be released.  
Thanks to Klaas for info and thanks to Casper Janssen (EMI) for confirmation.

The forthcoming year marks the 25th anniversary of Maywood.  We from maywood-online.de would like to start that special year with the following project:
During the month of December 2003 please let us have your questions about Maywood by email to info@maywood-online.de .  Alice May agreed to answer your questions personally and both, questions and answers will be published on this website.  You may send your questions in English, German or Dutch language.  The Dutch website http://www.clubs.nl/community/default.asp?clubid=69526 has the same project.  All questions from both websites will be handed over to Alice.

The new Hit Expresse compilation CD "Late At Night" is out in the shops in The Netherlands.

Today Casper Janssen of EMI informed us that the title of the new compilation to be released on 01.09.2003 has been changed to "Late At Night".  Reason for that was that the track list does not include the song Show Me The Way To Paradise.

We have received the following information from Casper Janssen (EMI).  Thanks alot Casper.

Track list of "Show Me The Way To Paradise":

  1. Dance with me

  2. Distant love

  3. Give me back my love

  4. Gone without a reason

  5. I'd climb the highest mountain

  6. I'm sorry

  7. Just a little bit of love

  8. Late at night

  9. Mother, how are you today?

  10. Rio

  11. That certain feeling

  12. Wherever you're going

  13. Mano

  14. One, Two, Three

  15. Pasadena

  16. I'm in love for the very first time

A new compilation CD will be released in The Netherlands on 01.09.2003.
Title: Show Me The Way To Paradise, EMI (Hit Expresse) catalogue no. 5928012.
Scan of artwork and track list will follow.
Thanks to Klaas for info and thanks to Casper Janssen (EMI) for confirmation.