no more winds to guide me
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


I see you in another world, another place and time,
where there's happiness and liberty and they can't take what's mine.
You'll be there to comfort me
when I call your name, carry on 'cause baby in our hearts
the dreams are still the same.

There'll be no more winds to guide me, no more games to play.
The music and the laughter will carry me away.
No more false illusions, no more wars to fight.
We got over many bad dreams in the night.

Leaning forward, all I see are sympathetic eyes,
not a story full of promises covered up with lies.
A picture of a congresman
in his golden chair, in a few more days he's history.
The old time millionaire.

In spite of everything and everyone,
make it shine... so divine...take me to the sun.