oh, what a lonely day
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


You left for Frisco.
What was the reason?
How could you turn your back on me?
We're different people in a crazy world
with different minds and fantasies.
You said: "We'll make it, now don't you worry".
But you got no sense of morality.
If it turns out wrong, well baby, it's a fact.
You pull your disappearing act.

Oh, oh, oh, oh what a lonely day.
Can someone tell me what it's all about?
Oh, oh, oh, feel like slipping away.
Oh, oh, oh, oh what a lonely day.
Such a lonely day.

I've tried to call you,
there's no connection.
This is a funny circumstance.
You don't know nothing about loyalty and love.
How could I hope for a second chance?
I passed the restaurant where I first met you.
I saw the people dancing there.
All of a sudden I feel I'm pushed around.
Can't get my feet upon the ground.