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Alice May found the time to answer the questions sent to and the Dutch website of


Why did Maywood split up ?

Alice: That is a well-known story.

Will there ever be a comeback ?  Or even just a new album ?

Alice: Who knows?  In May there comes a new album from EMI.  
Remarks: Alice talks here about the CD of the Spanish songs.

What do you and Caren do nowadays ?

          Alice: I am a teacher now.

Where can I get VHS-videos (PAL or NTSC) of all your hits, especially "Standing in the twilight" ?

Alice: Ask Volker.  
Remarks: Send any requests to .

Where can I get a CD of Maywood "Six of the thirties" ?

Alice: Via ebay, otherwise ask Volker.
Remarks: Send any requests to .

Is there any way you can possibly settle your differences with Caren and both of you start recording as Maywood again ?

Alice: Who knows?

Do you want to record a solo album in the future ?

Alice: It depends on a sponsor, I have enough material.
Remarks: Is there any record-company reading this?

How many TV-specials did Maywood make ?

Alice: A few.

It's not very clear when exactly the three singles by De Karinas and the single by Lady Pops were released.  When were those released ?

Alice: 1975 - 1976

Is it true that Caren recorded a single at a very young age ?  If so, when was it and under which name did she record it and what was the name of the song ?

Alice: Not true.

Is there a chance for a Maywood reunion ?

Alice: That depends not only on me.

What's your favourite Maywood song ?

Alice: Circumstance.

Which Maywoond song do you like least ?

Alice: If You And I.

What's your favourite Maywood album ?

Alice: Colour My Rainbow.

If you could step back in time 25 years and could start the period with Maywood all over again, what would you do differently ?

No answer for that.

What would you like EMI to do in 2004 for Maywood's 25th anniversary ?

Alice: To bring out the unreleased songs.
Remarks: EMI, Casper Janssen, are you reading?

How did you like making the Spanish LP ?  Was it Maywood's idea or the record company's ?

Alice: That was the idea of the record company.

What are you most proud of what you've accomplished, done or experienced during the years with Maywood ?

Alice: Late At Night and the golden and platinum LPs.

What are you doing nowadays ?

Alice: Teaching music and singing.

In 1991 the CD "September souvenir" was released with the song "Lost a friend" by Anneke Grönloh.  A demo recorded in your studio.  Were more songs by Anneke recorded beside this one ?

Alice: No.

Do unreleased Maywood recordings exist ?  If so, would you like to do something with these songs in the future ?

Alice: A lot of songs are unreleased.

Which music/artist do you like to listen to ?

Alice: Anastacia, Tina Turner, Sting, blues and a lot of others.

What is it like singing the Maywood songs on your own now during live performances ?

Alice: There are no more live performances nowadays.

What did you think when José reached the number one spot in the Top 40 with "I will follow him", a song for which Maywood did the backing vocals ?

Alice: Marvellous.

Has Maywood done more backing vocals ?  If so, for whom ?

Alice: No.

Would you like to write again a song for the Eurovision Song Contest ?

Alice: Yes, always.

Which gossip magazine do you have the best connections with, and which one you'd like to disappear immediately ?

          Alice: I have good connections with all.

Thank you Alice for taking part in this question and answer session.