this broken heart
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


Life is full of mysteries and so are you.
A new horizon slowly coming into view.
But who am I to say: "You gotta go on without him".
Looking at your face it's such a sorry sight.
And perfect situations never last, that's right.
Remember all the girls that use to fight about him.

This broken heart won't last forever.
It's not worth crying over some romantic game.
This broken heart won't get you nowhere.
Remember you're the one who's standing in the rain.

Yesterday the city was a magic place.
Now you feel you really are a special case.
A teenage queen who's growing tired of living in sorrow.
Looking for an answer is a waste of time.
Believe me I have been there with this love of mine.
So promise me you gonna start all over tomorrow.