wings of an eagle
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


We used to sing, we used to dance.
You gave me love of life and confidence.
I know I can't possess you, you've chosen differently.
Your life belongs to wind and rain and sea.

In my heart I feel the pain.
It's coming down on me like pouring rain.
I wonder can you hear me although we're far apart?
The waves can't feel what I feel in my heart.

And on the wings of an eagle
let me take a flight
and lead me through the deep dark night.
Wait for me.
Yes, on the wings of an eagle.
Crazy, but it seems
it fills my life with golden dreams.
Wings of an eagle.
Wings of an eagle.

I said in time my love will show
how much for heaven's sake you'll never know.
I'm filled with mixed emotions but as I walk ashore
your beauty I admire more and more.