Wherever you're going
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


Do you remember the first day we met?
Sun was shining.
I do remember and I won't forget,
but it's raining all week and the phone didn't ring
and the postman I knew didn't deliver a thing.

I stay at home, watch the people go by.
Familiar faces.
No one, no no one gives it a try,
to be nice, to be friendly, they all walk around
with a heart full of trouble, no answers they found.

Wherever you're going, I wanna be.
That's what I told you frequently.
But you have vanished, how can I manage on my own?
Wherever you're going, let me be there.
Just to be near you, I wanna share.
Now you have left me.  Why did you go?

Don't have no sugar, run out of tea,
time for shopping.
I would rather sleep then to die wakefully.
Thinking how it was like when you were by my side.
Now I feel like an animal, trying to hide.