you and i
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


With a touch of your hand, a glimpse of your eye.
I was caught in a symphony.
Maybe you came out of nowhere.
But baby I know, you're special to me.
When you held me last night,
this feeling of pride gave me wings so that I could fly.
Lost in your love like an ocean
and strong as a mountain high.

You and I, face to face.
Wonder if you know,
this world's a crazy place.
With every beat of my heart
I know the meaning's clear.
Everywhere you go,
I'll be waiting here.

I've been working all day.
Heard somebody say: "She's a quiet little mystery".
Nobody knows that I met you.
It's something so strong and sacred to me.
I'm afraid, but I'm sure.
Life never before gave me any reason to hold on.
Just like the stars up in heaven,
they shine upon a love so strong.