you're making me crazy
(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


I can't believe it's true, I fell in love with you.
It doesn't really matter what the old folks say.
Baby, I know you well and no one can break that spell.
There's love enough, don't ever let it slip away.
And when the blues is gonna get you,
just remember I will make it right.

'cause you're making me crazy,
but the same time amaze me.
When we fight and make love on the floor.
You're making my heart sing
and I'm aware of this one thing.
You're making me crazy for sure.

I'm gonna be someone now that my race is run.
I can feel the warmth and peace in my heart.
You are my destiny, you bring out the best in me.
Nothing in this world can keep us apart.
Feel the power of love within me.
Reaching out forever and a day.