(Music: Alice May, Words: Alice May)


I've got a lesson still to learn.
Light up my fire.
When I'm with you there's no return.
Take me higher.
If it gets a little bit out of line,
I can handle the situation.
Oh, baby let's get back in time.
I am lost like a child.
Can't you see I got wild for your love.

you don't even know my name.
Love is a foolish game...anyway.
It started right now.
Could it be like this forever?
you bring out the best in me.
Dialed me back to some sanity.
What a way of knowing, it's real, baby.
This kind of feeling I feel.

Don't know what's gotten over me.
Mixed with confusion.
I need your love, your company.
It's no illusion.
I hear them talking about you and me:
"They are a match made in heaven".
And while I'm thinking: "Could it be?"
Are we going too fast?
I sure hope it will last for all time.